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Hot Toy, McFarlane and Hasbro Mega Pallet | 365 Awesome Items

Description QTY Barcodes
McFarlane-DC The Batman Catwoman (Unmasked) 7in 60 4582578272400
McFarlane-DC The Batman Bruce Wayne (Drifter / Unmasked) 7in 54 4582578272738
McFarlane-DC Batman Beyond Inque as Batman 7in 6 n/a
McFarlane-DC Justice League Lex Luthor Armor (Bule Suit)7in 27 4582578272608
McFarlane-DC The Dark Knight Returns Superman 7in 24 4582578264924
Hot-Toys-Cosbaby-S-The Batman Batman & Batmobile 10 4895228610386
Hasbro Ghostbusters Fright Feature Trevor 5in S2 24 4582578273407
Hasbro Ghostbusters Fright Feature Podcast 5in S2 9 4582578273384
Hasbro Ghostbusters Fright Feature Lucky 5in S2 12 4582578273414
McFarlane-DC-Multiverse The Demon (Demon Knights) 18cm 24 787926151633
McFarlane-DC-Multiverse Superman Energized Unchained Armor ( 48 787926151732
McFarlane-DC-Multiverse Lex Luthor Power Suit 18cm 15 787926151763
McFarlane-DC-Multiverse Superman Black Suit (Superman Animat 28 787926151916
McFarlane-DC-Multiverse Shriek Unmasked (Batman Beyond) 18cm 24 787926157543

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